Portal of Possibilities, 2020

Duration 2"
Visuals and Performance - Devika Bilimoria
Sound Design - Amias Hanley
Commissioned for online platform BOXED 8.0

BOXED saw a series of 5 digital dance mini-commissions with a South Asian/Australian dance artist suited with a sound designer outside of their medium/training to explore responses to their physical site and inner landscape during the time of Covid-19 to push their own training and form.

Seasoned dancer/choreographer/curator/editor Anita R Ratnam has commissioned these works and it was produced by Masoom Parmar. Curatorial advisors on the project were Sydney based dancers Raghav Handa and Nithya Nagarajan.
Here are the other artist for this episode:
Bindu Rajendren x Niharika Senapati
Devika Chauhan Bilimoria x Amy Hanley
Sanchita Abrol x Matt Cornell
Naavikaran x Jonnine Caresse
Amrita Amrita x Arjunan Puveendran + Bhairavi Raman
All pairings have a different dance background and sound practice and live between Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Darwin.
Responses by senior Guru and Elder in community Anandavalli Lingalayam of Lingalayam Dance Company.

The full episode can be found HERE.

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