Territory of Darkness, 2020

Published in THE SEERS' CATALOGUE, 2nd Edition
10 OCT 2020

Here is the beginning of a wider investigation regarding ecological image making - The Ecological Image.

TERRITORY OF DARKNESS is a photographic article that conceptually explores the astrophotographic digital photography practice of dark frame (a light and lens less image) captured from the internal electronic and thermal signals of a Nikon D70s' light sensitive CCD panel. It asks, how can the awareness of specific periodic elements within a digital camera realign the practice of photography to a cosmic, geologic, and ecological haunting?

This project primarily focuses on the element silicon, an active component in the CCD sensor that plays an important role in the conversion of light to electrons to image through feminist theorist Karen Barad’s notions of quantum discontinuity and intra-action, and, the experimentation of dark frame image creation.

The aim of this project, and The Ecological Image Project at large, is to decentralise the singular position of where an image is captured by bringing awareness to the interconnected systems of earthly extraction and labour that give rise to image capturing devices such as digital cameras. It endeavours to emphasise how non-human agents like digital cameras, and the images they make, are haunted by the materiality of the earth and cosmos from which they are made, to which humans are inextricably enmeshed.

The SUN and MOON image collections in TERRITORY OF DARKENSS document a D70s with materials such as a face, a palm, sand and another digital camera in the posture of a dark frame capture that was made within the D70s. In the article, the documented images are presented with an interactive dissolve with the dark frame image from the D70s.

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